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Photography by Adrian Kawaley-Lathan

Multimedia Showreel

Highlight reel showcasing the scope and breadth of Adrian's creativity as a storyteller and communicator.

Note that all experiences showcased in this reel were devised, directed, produced by Adrian.

His cinematography, performances and choreography are also featured.

In post-production he scripted the narrative, recorded the voiceover, assembled and edited the showreel.

Adrian Kawaley-Lathan - Showreel 2017
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Photography by Kalilah Robinson

"Adrian works well with people and is a natural leader and facilitator. He is direct in his communication, thorough in his production planning and scheduling, thoughtful of the needs of the team, and flexible on set to adjust quickly to challenges. He understands that all members of the team are important, and the same skill sets that make him a good director also make him an attentive production assistant or support role when needed." 

Lamone Woods,  Executive Producer, Crimson Multimedia Bermuda

"On the set of a particularly complex story, Lionfish 101, we were able to see his talent as a Director. He is a good natured and patient leader, excuding calm at all times but keeping the team focused, energized and on schedule. Seeing Adrian guide a team of cameramen, actors, divers and underwater videographers to capture the footage was impressive and really gave us insight into the process, including all the moving parts behind the vision."

Paul R Van Pelt, Co-Chair, Bermuda Lionfish Task Force


Voice reels

Voice Reels: Documentary, Commercial, Character

Playing Age: 25 - 40

Accent: North American

Vocal Characteristics: Resonant, Deep, Smooth, Warm, Reassuring, Gravitas

A citizen of the UK, Canada and Bermuda, Adrian has a neutral northern American accent. Recognisable for his deep baritone timbre he has voiced radio and television commercials, television series, educational media, and hosted live events as a Master of Ceremonies.